How Do I Publish My First Website Using The Website Builder?

Login To The Website Builder.

1.      First log-in to the Hosting Client Area.

2.      Navigate to the Hosting Client Area. Select the option called Services. 

3.      Under Hosting Services you can view all your active and inactive orders. Select the service Website Builder

4.      Within the Hosting Product Dashboard – You can login to the website builder service. Click the graphical icon Website Builder. 

Load and Publish the Website.

1.      Now users are logged into the website builder. Select the website that requires publishing!

2.      Are all web pages completed? Double check spelling and make sure content is placed correctly on all web pages.

3.      Now the website is ready to go live. Publish by selecting the Publish Button within the top navigation menu.

4.      The website will publish in a few seconds. Once published double check updates have been applied successfully.

5.      Load the website in a new browser tab. All content should be updated, the new website has been successfully published! 

6.      By following the steps above you'll be able to publish a website successfully online.


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