The Difference Between DV, OV and EV SSL Certificates

Domain Validation (DV)

DV Stands for Domain Validation which is a type of SSL Certificate that is issued after verifying ownership of the Websites Domain. Verification works by sending a confirmation email to the email address registered to the Domain’s WHOIS Information to confirm ownership and the rights to use it. DV Certificates are issued almost immediately however is the least trusted validation type as almost anyone can get a DV Certificate issued.

Organization Validation (OV)

OV Stands for Organization Validation which is a type of SSL Certificate that is issued after the Certificate Authority (CA) verifies the organizations information to confirm the register is associated with the actual organisation. The Certificate Authority first must verify the Organizations Name, Physical Address and Phone Number with the Domain’s WHOIS Information and a Government Information Website or Approved Third Party. OV Certificates are trusted more by consumers as they guarantee the website is owned by the actual organization they are doing business with. 

Extended Validation (EV)

EV Stands for Extended Validation which is a type of SSL Certificate that has the highest level of trust (also referred to as the “Green Bar” Certificate). The Certificate Authority issuing the EV Certificate verifies you are a legitimate business in good standing with more in-depth checks than OV Verification. After the CA Verifies the legitimacy of your business the EV SSL Certificate will be issued. EV Certification is the most trusted among consumers and is indicated by the “Green Bar” in a user’s web browser. Research shows consumers are aware the “Green Bar” is provided to legitimate websites which can increase trust with new visitors who maybe more likely to make purchases.


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