How to Setup VPNarm On Blackberry Devices

This support article will guide you through the processes of setting up and configuring VPNarm for Blackberry Devices.

1.      Access the Settings Tab

2.      Select the Network Connections option

3.      Click on VPN

4.      Select Add new VPN Profile

5.      The Edit VPN Profile will appear with boxes you need to fill out. Here’s the information you need to add

a.      Name for your VPN Profile. This could be VPNarm

b.      Enter the Server Address in the field

c.     Pick the Authentication Type EAP-MSCHAPvz and as Gateway Type select Microsoft IKEvz VPN Server

d. Enter your VPNarm Username in the Authentication ID field and Password in the MSCHAPv2 Field

6.      Now select Connect.

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