How to Make a Public Monitor Page

In this tutorial you already created a monitor. If you don’t know how to setup a monitor, please check this tutorial. This feature allows you to monitor your website without login from your hosting backend. To begin login to your hosting client area, access your monitoring service dashboard then perform the steps below:

Step 1. From the dashboard you click on the button “Public pages”  

Click public pages

Step 2: Set up your Monitors

You will now find a list of all your public pages. Click “Add New Public Page” to set up your first one.

add new public page

 Step 3:  Configure the page

configure public monitor page

  1.  Choose the title you want to give to the page, so users easily see what monitor they are watching. (tip: make it understandable for everyone)
  2. Choose the monitor that should been added on this page.
  3. A cool Logo to represent your brand.
  4. Press Save Changes, to create the new public page. It can take up to a minute to create.

Once successfully created, go back to the page where all the public pages are listed.

preview new public monitor page

Here you can edit the monitor or click on “Page Link” to open the monitor in a new page.

open active monitor page

  1. Here you’ll see the page title.
  2. Here you’ll see the public url, you can share this url with everybody
  3. You can add your company logo here (or the logo of the project)
  4. You can also see the monitor you are using.


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