Email Setup: Configure Apple Mail

Apple mail is an email client created by Apple and delivered on every Apple iMac, Mac Mini and Macbook. Most Apple users already use Apple mail as their default email client. Your cPanel email can be configured to work with Apple Mail.

This article will highlight how your cPanel email can be configured to work with Microsoft Outlook and will be split in to two sections below:

Part 1: Configuring the Apple Mail Client.
Part 2: Accessing your Mail Client Manual Settings.

Part 1 – Configuring the Apple Mail Client

1. Start Apple Mail, and click on "Menu".

2. Select "Preferences".

apple mail settings - preferences

3. Click on the plus at the bottom left. Select "Other Mail account ..." and click on "continue".

Choose apple email account to add

4. Enter your name, which should be used in the e-mails as the sender.

5. Enter your email address (including the part after the @).

6. Enter the password for your email address.

Set passwords for apple email

7. Enter your e-mail address at e-mail address (including the part after the @).

8. Enter your e-mail address again at username (including the part after the @).

9. Enter your password.

10. Choose IMAP.

11. Enter incoming e-mail at Server or

12. Enter outgoing e-mail at Server or

set incoming and outgoing email server

13. Click on Sign In.

sign in to apple mail

Congratulations! The email address has now been added to Apple Mail.


Remove email address from Apple Mail

Note: When you delete an email account from Mail, the messages are removed from the account and are no longer available on your Mac. If you had set the email address with IMAP, you can still read these messages via webmail. So, they are not gone. After the reset, Apple Mail will synchronize and retrieve the emails from the server.

• Select Mail in the program on the Mac Mail> “Preferences”, then click “Accounts”.

• Select the account you want to delete and click the button with the minus sign (-) at the bottom of the screen.

Below is an example of what the screen might look like, with the note that in this example it was decided to delete an Outlook e-mail address.

Remove email account in apple mail

• Then press the 'OK' button to delete the account.

Part 2: How do I access My mail client Manual Settings?

1. Log-in to your Client Area

2. Select the option “Products and Services”

3. Select the Hosting Plan that you require!

4. The Product Dashboard will appear. On the left-hand side, you will see a tab called Actions. Within this tab select the first option “Login To cPanel”

5. Within cPanel scroll down to the category “Email”

6. Select the first option “Email Accounts”

7. Under the email account you wish to configure select the option “Connect Devices”

connect devices in cpanel email

8. Scroll down till you see “Mail Client Manual Settings”

mail client manual setting in cpanel

9. Provided are your SSL/TLS Connection settings and your Non-SSL Connection Settings.


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