How to Install an SSL Certificate using AutoInstallSSL in your cPanel.

Once you’ve purchased your SSL Certificate you will need to follow a few simple steps in order to install it in your cPanel using AutoInstall SSL. This allows you to successfully deploy and utilise your SSL Certificate in cPanel. Following these simple instructions will have you well on your way to a secured website.


1. Receive your Token via E-mail

Once you’ve purchased your SSL Certificate please go to your Client Area, from services choose the SSL certificate you have purchased, click on Active button to the right of the SSL certificate. This will take you to the  SSL certificate service page. Here you will be able to view your SSL token. This token is needed to install and deploy your SSL Certificate in your website’s cPanel and will be a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. 


 2. AutoInstall SSL in cPanel

  • Once you’ve copied your token you will need to login to your website’s cPanel.
  • Once your cPanel loads, scroll down to the ‘Security’ section and then click the “AutoInstall SSL” icon which will take you to the module.


  • On the AutoInstall SSL module page, there will be a submission field where you will need to paste the token code to proceed to the next step. Click verify token.

AIS-9-Token Details

  • Upon successfully pasting your token code the module will load an additional page that will require you to fill out some information about the certificate such as the domain, admin contact, and technical support contact.

AIS-10-payroll details

  • Once you’ve filled out and submitted the form, the magic of AutoInstall SSL will begin. You will be taken to a page containing an overview of the steps being completed by the module in real time.

AIS_Processing for sslknowledge


3. Post AutoInstall SSL Management

 At the end of the process, AutoInstall SSL will declare that your SSL Certificate is now active and securing your website.

Note: In the instance, that you need to re-issue, re-install, or download the SSL Certificate, you can do this by re-submitting the token code once more in the AutoInstall SSL interface which will bring you to the overview page.

AIS-13_token details- manage certificate




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