How Do I Configure Webmail?

Webmail is an emailing client designed and created by cPanel. It offers customers the choice between two inbox themes.

This article will highlight how users can configure Webmail with their cPanel email accounts.

1.       Log-in to your Client Area

2.       Select the option “Products and Services”

3.       Select the hosting plan you wish to apply updates to.

4.       Once the product dashboard has loaded look under Quick Shortcuts. Select the first option “Email Accounts”

5.       Select the email account you wish to configure. Click the option “Check Email”

6.       Webmail offers customers a choice between two different themes. Either Select Horde or Roundcube.

7.       Need to change your theme? Simply click the Webmail logo to change between available themes.

8.       Upon logging to your Webmail account for the first time you will receive an email within your inbox. This email indicates that Webmail has been configured successfully.

9.       Well Done! Your Webmail account has been configured successfully.

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