How Do I Setup An Email Within cPanel?

Our web hosting plans give you the option to create Custom Email Addresses using your domain name. You can create your email accounts easily within cPanel. This is often referred to as a cPanel email address. It can be configured to work with third party emailing clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

This article will highlight how you can create your email addresses within cPanel.

How Do I Navigate To my cPanel to access the Email Accounts section?

1.       Log-in to your Client Area.

2.       Select the option called “Products and Services”.

3.       Select the Web Hosting Plan that you wish to create an Email Account for.

4.       From the product dashboard you need to navigate to the cPanel Email Accounts Page.

5.       To do this. Either: Follow Step A or B

A.      On the left side there is a tab called Actions.

a.       Within this tab select the option “Login To cPanel”. 

b.      Scroll down till you see the category called Email. 

c.       Within this category select the first option “Email Accounts”.

B.      In the centre there is a section called Quick Shortcuts.

a.       Select the first option called “Email Accounts”.

Well-Done You have successfully navigated to the cPanel Email Accounts Page. Now let’s create your first email account!


How Do I Create My Free cPanel Email Address?

1.       To create your brand-new cPanel email account, select the Blue Button “Create”.

2.       cPanel will prompt you to fill out a form to configure your email account.


3.       Enter the username you require for this inbox.


4.       Under security select either: Follow Step A or B.

A. Tick the box “Set Password Now” and either:

a.       Enter a secure password.

b.       Or generate a secured password.

Ensure you remember or save your password in a safe location.

B.      Tick the box “Provide Alternative Email” 

a.       Enter your current email address. An email will be sent to this inbox with instructions on how to configure your password.


5.       Select how much storage this inbox will require.


6.       We recommend that users tick the box “Send a welcome email with instructions to set up a mail client” – This will help you test if your email account was created successfully.


7.       Once you are happy with the name of the email, select the button “Create”. 

Well-Done. You have created your brand-new email account within cPanel. Now it’s time to test the account.


Test Your cPanel Email Account.

1.       The email client that cPanel uses is called WebMail.

2.       To launch Webmail. Select the option “Check Email”. 

3.  WebMail will prompt you to select a Default Webmail Application. A webmail application simply put is the way your inbox is designed.

4.  Be sure to test both Horde and RoundCube before making your final decision on what email client to use.

A.      Select the option Horde. 

a.       Have a look at how Horde is designed.

b.       Select the WebMail Logo to view all Webmail Applications. 

B.      Select the option RoundCube.

a.       Have a look at how RoundCube is designed.

b.       Select the Webmail Logo to view all Webmail Applications.

5.   Now. Pick the WebMail Application you prefer and select “Set As Default”. Don’t worry, this can always be changed at any point by selecting the WebMail logo. 

6.  If you ticked the “Send a welcome email with instructions to set up a mail client” box an email should appear within your Inbox.

Not only does this email confirm that your email account has been setup correctly. It provides settings on how your cPanel email account can be configured with different Email Clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Well-Done! Now your brand-new cPanel Email Account has been created. To create more accounts, repeat these steps.





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