Email Setup: Configure your DNS for Hosted Exchange Email

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This article serves to help your setup your new Hosted Exchange Email Service. Before you can use the hosted exchange email service you will need to configure your DNS settings. After configuring your DNS, you can create your custom mailboxes with your domain name then connect it to the Microsoft Exchange web app. Below you will find the instructions to setup your DNS. When you are through, you can find another article in our knowledge base with instructions on how to set up your Hosted Exchange Mailbox. 

Configure your DNS to send and receive emails

The following steps will help you to set up your domain name server (DNS) with the Hosted Exchange service. This will help to ensure that your can send and receive messages from your Hosted Exchange email account.

1. First, you’ll need to log in to the control panel for your domain DNS host. If you host your DNS with {$company_name} please select Edit DNS in the Cloud Office Control Panel.

2. Use the table below to set your DNS entries to the correct values. Verify that no other MX record entry is saved. Otherwise, you will experience complications or even errors with your email. 

Type Hostname Destination Priority TTL
MX @ or left blank 10 3600 seconds or lowest allowed
MX @ or left blank 20 3600 seconds or lowest allowed
TXT @ or left blank v=spf1 ~all NA 3600 seconds or lowest allowed
CNAME autodiscover NA 3600 seconds or lowest allowed
Note: After configuration your new settings require 24 to 48 hours to propagate to the world. A DNS propagation time of 24 - 48 hours adheres to industry standards. 

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