How to use the website import tool!

How to use the website import tool!

You are about to realise just how fast and easy it to create and edit your website with our easy site builder. If you already have a website, but want to import it into our website builder for quick and easy editing, here’s how. 

How Do I Login To The Website Builder?

1.      First log-in to the Client Area.

2.      Now logged in. Select the option Services

3.      View all purchased hosting services. Select the website builder service

4.      Login to the website builder. Click the website builder graphical icon. 

5.      For new users the website templates will automatically open. Existing users select the New/Reset button within the top navigation menu to import a new website.

How do I use the website import tool?

Step 1: Start by logging into your account. 

On the left side view website templates by category.

Step 2: In the Client Area under Services, go to the Product & Services Page.

Once there select your active site builder plan and open the website builder. The Template Page will pop up.  

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the list on your left and select Website Import.

Then open the website you want to import in a new tab, copy the URL link and post it in the box provided and click ImportVoila! Just like that, all your files and images will be imported error free!  

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